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How do you store your DE razors?


Storing DE razors is very simple. Most razors have a plating finish that is resistant to rust or corrosion as long as they are rinsed and dried between uses. Some of the high-end razors, such as the PILS and Feather, are constructed of stainless steel, which are even more resistant to rust. Unlike straight razors, humidity is not as much of a worry with a safety razor. Keeping your razor on a stand or rack in your bathroom will not put it in any danger. Men with collections of razors often use items, such as pipe racks or jewelry trays, to proudly display their DE razors. Mine are kept in a simple toothbrush holder and on a couple of razor/shaving brush stands.

The most important aspect to storing safety razors is to make sure they are clean and dry after you finish shaving. Thoroughly rinse the cutting head to wash away any leftover soap or cream, and use a dry towel to get any leftover water off of the exterior body of the razor. If you use the same razor every day, it is generally not a problem to leave the blade in the cutting head between shaves. If you have several razors that you use in a rotation; however, it is a good idea to remove the blade after using the razor. Double edge blades will rust and if left in the razor can cause rust stains to form on the inside of the cutting head and damage the finish. It is also recommended to completely disassemble the razor every few weeks and do a thorough cleaning of the inside of the cutting head and any corners or joints of the razor body to prevent small deposits of soap or cream that get missed during daily rinsing from building up. A toothbrush and dish soap does a great job at getting into the hard-to-reach crevices of the razor. Once your razor has been cleaned, dry it and store it as usual. By taking a little extra care with keeping your DE razor maintained, your investment will always look great and provide you many years of service.


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